Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Buzz

I am....average. I think? Who knows, really, and who cares. That is one of the glorious things about being past 30. ;) (Or if you have been really lucky, maybe you received that gift in your 20's)The confidence that you get in truly being 'you', and the ability to appreciate every amazing quality that others possess without comparing yourself and keeping a tally sheet.

I have read a lot of blogs from women who I find simply fascinating. While I am not sure if anyone could accuse me of falling into that category, I like myself. Truly. Every woman should allow themselves that luxury. (among other things) Some women are specifically into Crafting. Or Style. Or Cooking. Or name it. Then there are the others, like me. I like it all.

Join me as I highlight my pursuits, musings,travels, my life Blessed with Children and Animals, Shops/Businesses I adore, amazing Women, and everything else that comes along, plus DIY projects, meals, deals, freebies and samples, and goals.

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