Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I recently got to host a Pastabilities party thanks to Tryazon and Pasta Chips.

Tryazon is one of the newer companies that do sponsored/host parties. I love this concept--a company who wants to have their products promoted on social media goes to a company like Tryazon who offers people the chance to apply to host a party, and if chosen, they get a package sent to them with promotional products from said company. (All for Free)

The party for Pasta Chips was the first party through Tryazon that I applied to  host, and I was thrilled when I received the email that I got accepted to host! One thing I really enjoyed about Tryazon was that part of the application process is writing your own little blurb as to why you want to host(or whatever else you may like to say) as opposed to just clicking some buttons and posting on your social media(which is also part of the process) It reminded me of the good old days before my time when women would fill out essays, write jingles and such for sweepstakes and contests, an art that has died out with our fabulous tech age. If you want to see a really sweep and sometimes bitter movie about those times, watch The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. Adapted from a True Story, and....well I won't give anything away. Watch it!

Pasta Chips were created in a small Tuscan village, and like the beautiful pastas you can find there, are made from semolina flour and wonderful Italian herbs. 

They come in:

  • Alfredo
  • Garlic Olive Oil
  • Marinara
  • Mediterranean Sea Salt
  • Spicy Tomato Herb
  • Spinach Broccoli Kale

When my Pasta Chips party pack arrived, I was elated. The shipping box that they used was great, it was designed to look like a suitcase, I have never seen anything like it and it made the experience that much better. I felt like a child at Christmas! I personally LOVE presents and this truly felt like one. I opened the box to discover a couple of each variety of Pasta Chips, a cute red Pasta Chips apron, cork coasters(the cork element made me smile and think of some of the good wines from Italy) a Pasta Chips chip clip(super cute but not needed with the Pasta Chips-the bags are all resealable!) discount coupons, recipe cards, and coupons for FREE Pasta Chips, fun mustache party props, and of course, cushioned with fun brown crinkles. 

As excited as I was, I was still (needlessly) tentative about how the Pasta Chips would taste. The first bag I opened to taste test was the Alfredo(delicious), and then the Spicy Tomato Herb(AMAZING and my favorite) Each and every one of the 6 flavors of Pasta Chips is delicious and full of Pastabilities. 

There are so many options of things you can do with Pasta Chips, from eating them right out of the bag, to making companion dips for them, serve as beautiful chips with toppings, making crumbs with them for pizza crust or casseroles. I did all of these for my Pasta Chips party.

My children are what I would call good eaters, but with snack foods it can be touch and go, but they also loved every.single.variety.of.pasta.chips. Amen! Yes, even the Spinach Broccoli Kale, of which both bags went 'missing' and I later found empty. ;)

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